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When one starts out their search for truth ,it starts at the unconscious level which is hidden . For me my separate mind was full of ideas of what the steps were to find this truth. My mind was fully focus on other people experiences. So the question in me was by what was I motivated , what in me caused the search. Certainly my life had challenges and there was a great desire for fulfilment through being involved in different activities. Within my self I was a war with different opinions and beliefs, which keep me focused on the world The question that keep making it’s self become aware was how could I put together my apparent fragment life full of fear, distortion and lacking in peace of mind. So my own personal experiences was I could not create peace. In my younger years I was searching in the world of form for this peace, could not find it.My human conditioning was filled with other people beliefs and other peoples perceptions, they were not mine. I just adopted them as truth .It was many years later that I found out how incomplete they were.My search became a spiritual search for truth. part of tis search was meditation. From meditation I gained new perceptions. With new perception I discovered new knowledge. When I acted on this new knowledge ,it became wisdom for me . As I used this wisdom it produced my spiritual awakening. Everyone’s path is unique to them.But it all starts with reaching the stillness of the mind, ” Be Still and Know I Am All That I Am” Once the separate mind awakens the exquisite pure love begins to flow . it flows like a river. First it flow where there is no resistance. Then as one gets older , it starts to come up against resistance .The resistance all come from the separate mind. Accepted beliefs and habits are the first resistance that the Divine impulse sheds light into. Here one can see how fragmented they are in relationship to all life. One gets to know themselves in all their individuality and begin to accept them selves fully and completely as God made them .Acceptance , non judgement are the beginning of embracing desire less love. As you consciousness dramatically changes , you old friends drop away . Your interests change and new people come into your life. Your personality changes as you embrace the inner Christ within . Your personality beautifies and transforms by it focus and attention to love all life and with holds no love from any part of life. Judgements stop as one embraces desire less love and your experiences move into the other realms, where you gain Divine wisdom for the truth of your being. Your Divine purpose opens up to you whereby you the love you sense and know transforms your sense of being. The pure Divine love within your experience has no words to describe it. No intellectual description could cover your experiences. For you have arrived at an empty mind to experience ever new bliss

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