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The Soul Remembering

This awakening is taken place all over the world, where all will start to let go the primordial forgetfulness within the consciousness of man. Where the vale is slowly lifting and self-realization will be actualize by humanity all over the world. With more and more people waking up their intuitive power by where the soul directly apprehend its true nature as an individualized potential coming from the one source of the essence of everything.

I remember when I was at school a long time ago. The teacher had just introduced us to the British poet Wordworth. His poetry was all about the all pervading spirit. Looking back now, I know and feel that he would have experienced similar experiences that I have had. We both became aware of wisdom which was transferred through our personal experiences of spiritual reality. The times we live in now, offers opportunity for everyone to become aware of the potential of this moment. Every day more and more people are becoming aware of the practical method of intuitive knowing of truth through self-realization.

You are a soul. You are the immaculate idea of the Father Mother God but have lost your knowing of this fact. What I personally have experienced in my own life with all the limitations, fears and misconception of truth that I have experienced through a belief that God did not value me, I know now too be false These experiences allowed my conscious mind to think that life has no purpose and that was what came to pass with me. My total miss-identification that I was only was body created a reality where my soul only identified with the flesh and the sense limitation of the five senses (sees, hear, smell, touch, and taste). This total attention trapped me in the limitation of this finite world. It was only when I acquired the ability to meditate that I started a journey to return home. I didn’t realize that my total consciousness was tied to the limitation of this life that I have. As my five senses had only that awareness they perceive. But once I started meditation, it opened me up to the realization of the sixth sense of intuition where the outer experiences were not the only experiences which I had. You are the immaculate idea of the Father Mother God with different new perception had announced themselves to me. Now I am experiencing the seventh sense which I call Heart sense.

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