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The Human Condition

My question for you, “How could the human condition see, feel and know the kingdom of heaven if his soul is still earth bound?” Without meditation the soul remains earth bound. This is through free will of allowing the conscious mind mastery over your soul.

It is only when each individual chooses to begin a spiritual journey will the aligning start to take place. Spiritual growth is achieved by aligning with the spiritual current which mankind is currently feeling which are coming from both the personality and mind of spirit. This feeling nature is activated by the desire to love. The love I speak about is non-judgmental, unconditional and always expanding. This leads me to the definition for the term of “Christ Consciousness” which I will state as Christ Consciousness is the growing recognition and blending of the human evolutionary ego with that of divine mind and the divine personality. This is be the source of human happiness and fulfillment. This is that state of our true nature, our higher self and our birthright as children of spirit. It is the realization of the faith that God is speaking inwardly to each and every soul through the heart and the vibration of his/her being. It is God and God alone who reveals the essence of all that is in humanity and at the perfect right time.

My own experience has been riddled with tough trials. I know that everybody’s path is unique. Whichever path you are on, is the right path for you. Tough trials are blessings to fortify your character and awaken your awareness. A life without trials gains little wisdom. For it is by direct experience that spiritual growth takes place. It was by using tools to still my mind (e.g. meditation, visualization, imagery and imagination) that I was able to open communication with my Christ Self. These all happened within the silence. It was within the silence that I formed the partnership with my Holy Christ Self. I acknowledged all the great men and women who had forged the path for us all to follow. I am grateful for their uniqueness and their illumination and great wisdom.

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