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Jesus Prophesied

Jesus prophesied the advent of a race of man who would sit with Him on the 12 thrones and rule this world. These 12 powers are within each individual and can be developed by devotion to meditation and true prayer. The first power is Faith. Peter represents faith in things spiritual and full faith in God. He said that he would build upon this power. This power quickens spiritual understanding and allows man to use discernment and realize the reality of man’s origin and being as one with Christ Consciousness. Intellectual faith admits doubt. Spiritual faith includes unfailing assurance and immediate response.

So all the faculties that exist in divine mind, the 12 powers are in this way expressed through the mind and body of man. These powers express at all different levels within everybody, but the time is coming when more and more people will start to realize the truth. This will make way for the true ascension for all of the people who develop the only begotten Son Consciousness (Christ Consciousness). This will be the beginning of heaven on earth.

The second power is Wisdom called James. When awaken to the reality of our being, the lights begin to break upon us from within and we know truth. The third power is Love, which is called John. To understand, it is wise to accept that the body is the fruit of the soul and that as we unfold spiritual qualities within the soul will manifest in the body as the body goes through a process of enlightenment. John (Love) was continually by the Master side. As Love holds soul and body together with continued use of Faith, Wisdom and Love, we will inherit power over the fear forces of small mindedness and enter into divine mind. A quicken from on high will proceed man’s realization of his innate control of thoughts and the resulted feeling coming from such thoughts. With that, you see through the eyes of Spirit and feel with the heart of Spirit within. It is with this new Christ Consciousness that the perfection of body will be obtained.

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