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Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”

In the morning when I wake up, my work is to communicate with spirit within meditation. This type of communication is not with words but within the silence. Now, more than ever before, there are stronger than usual vibration of Christ love filled with joy and wisdom that are emanating to earth from the heavenly realms. This will continue right up to and beyond 2018. Those who are about the Fathers work will receive there heavenly bliss. This is the beginning of the realization of the Christ light that was present within Jesus. Those that practice meditation will be in tune to a wonderful feeling of love which will transform the lower vibration of fear with love and wisdom from within.

By feeling love within one’s own consciousness, a light will begin to break which allows the individual to experience a profound peace and joy more than the ordinary human heat has ever known before The first time I have personally felt this peace, I heard and felt a feeling of love so pure and real.It changed me there and then. An inner voice, the same as what the shepherds in the countryside of Bethlehem had experienced. “Peace on earth, goodwill towards men”, was my knowing within the pure silence. I had realized, I had to create peace within myself. So I resigned to create peace within my own heart. My task was to create a heart that could love unconditionally. The only way I knew how to do this was through meditation. This practice created in me peace. It enlarge my consciousness, my cup became overflowing. Before, this peace was realized, I had two masters. My fearful mind was one master, and my heart prompts was my second master. When ever I decided to do what my inner prompts were trying to achieve my fearful mind would over rule them.. I was a divided house, and my ability to focus was always over ruled with fear full thoughts.So my overall focus was fear. Christ peace gives all who with devotion and whole heartiness to obtaining Christ consciousness within meditation the total enjoyment of ecstasy and peace. By keeping your feeling free from fear vibrations which create restlessness in the mind, you have but one master. When this inner peace is experienced within meditation, one enters the soul and overtime the vaster peace that one feels is Christ consciousness or the Christ self which moves into cosmic consciousness and a knowing of the infinite consciousness and what you are able to tap into. Eventually, overtime and devotion, the restless thought and associated feeling are vanquished within the silence and ever new bliss is celebrated within the soul and body.

So by practicing inner silence, one will meet God, and Goddess and divine peace will abide. In my own experience, it took devotion, faith and perseverance, but I keep knocking at the door of silence and God did respond. It was the habit of being inwardly in the calm and peaceful knowing of infinite consciousness that I realized the Divine Presence. Ideas in the mind created through the power of faith produce the respondent feeling of Love. Taking control over your thoughts the emotions by merging heart and mind in the now moment creates a partnership of trust with Divine Presence, I noticed that, invading the disturbing thoughts of restlessness which were focus on, sometimes produce feelings that created in me judgment and I was trapped in the duality of having feeling of attraction or repulsion for them. So what I experienced through my heart bonded me to likes and the dislikes which create attraction and repulsion situations. I realized that my heart stores up emotions and it is the desire of habit that my words, thoughts and deeds reflect what was in my heart. In realizing the truth about what emotion I allow into my heart, I knew it would be wise not to be tempted by the fearful thoughts and corresponding feelings. Knowing that my thoughts can produce various emotions I started to use my feeling to monitor my ideal thoughts and then started to choose better thoughts to produce associated good feelings of love.

Modern science is now touching on the effect that the heart has on the entire human system. It has been recently discover that the brain supply the heart with various perceptions through the electromagnetic pulse, which can be measured as LOVE which in response to what the conscious brain judges as positive or negative. When the emotion is disturbed the “Law of Love” is broken. This creates in our body ill at ease or illness of body, mind and spirit. I have been a diabetic all my life. With this condition, I have developed sensitivity. I now know that the illness brought me to create balance between thoughts and feelings. So my condition was a gift of love from the universe.

If you haven’t got a chance to read my previous article “Introduction to Christ consciousness”, I will refer you now to do so. But for the purpose of this article, I quote what I wrote before.

Remember the words, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. So freedom from emotion allows peace and with peace one attains connection to spirit. Hence evil thoughts (any thought less than love) are like dark windows which create ignorance that hides from the conscious mind the purity and everlasting joy of the soul. Be of this world but not attached to it. So by regularly purifying your inner feeling with bright and cheerful thoughts and spiritual aspirations (through meditation) one will cleanse the consciousness to create wisdom, love and faith which are the building block to the doorway of the soul. As our task was to rise above the duality of creation and perceive the unity of the creator. But man has foolishly used the intellectual part of his mind to solve his problems and forgetting the subconscious and super conscious of his God unity with the source.”


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