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An Introduction To Christ Consciousness

The concept of Christ consciousness is now becoming more and more into the main stream of self-development work. To try to define this concept would be foolish, but for those of you who are ready to explore, THE NEXT STEP is yours.

The loving voice of Christ consciousness awakens in us the spiritual powers that strengthen, uplift and redeems. Love and wisdom always go hand in hand together. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the quickening of the spiritual nature which is reflected in the intellect and in the body. We can then weave new ideas into our soul consciousness and create out of them the ideas of the heart. LOVE is the attractive force that draws our good to us according to the depth and strength of our realization of love. Pure intelligence of divine ideas does cause the emanation of a soft golden light which dissolves the darkness of fear that surrounds us and in so doing, cleans out consciousness of fear.

Remember, it is the experience and the thoughts produced by the individual from their belief of what is truth for them and is allowed to enter the mind that creates and foothold. As long as people live in duality they will be subverting their transcendent soul nature which is love and replacing it with egoist involvement of the feeling in our heart of likes and dislikes which causes indiscriminate attraction and repulsion through the “Law of Attraction”. It is my opinion; it is this egoist involvement that is the anti-Christ, because Christ consciousness is the birthright of all.

Our focus on material things and experiences creates distortions of consciousness through indiscriminate attraction and repulsion. This is what entangles us and makes us be apart from all that is within our conscious minds. The result of this is the distorted lives that we as men and women are living today.

Meditation is the true purifier of being that makes his consciousness receptive to divine contact. This foothold of thought and feelings saturate his consciousness with error thinking (evil) and come forth as evil desires and actions that destroy the spirit within. If any man has ears of understanding, let him hear and understand inner purity not outer observations are the gauge of your spirituality. Be watchful of the company you keep “your thoughts” as they will dilute down the spirit within you and your ability to connect to spirit. So be vigilant of your mind and heart.

There are over 100 cosmic laws to be understood, and it is only by direct experience that we gain understanding which leads to wisdom. This wisdom is what Jesus referred to when he said “If any man has ears to hear, let him hear” Mark 7:14-16.

Remember Jesus words, “Are ye also yet without understanding”. “Do not ye yet understand that whatsoever entered in at the mouth goes into the belly and is cast out into the drought. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile man”. So by merging heart and mind, one understands that we are all one, all from the one source, which is Love (Unconditional Love). Character is revealed by what proceeds from the feeling of the nature in your heart. The feelings you hold in your heart are diluted down by the thoughts you allow into the subconscious mind. So it is necessary to have internal methods of purifying the heart. Hence, meditation is advised.

Remember the words, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. So freedom from emotion allows peace and with peace one attains connection to spirit. Hence evil thoughts (any thought less than love) are like dark windows which create ignorance that hides from the conscious mind the purity and everlasting joy of the soul. Be of this world but not attached to it. So by regularly purifying your inner feeling with bright and cheerful thoughts and spiritual aspirations (through meditation) one will cleanse the consciousness to create wisdom, love and faith which are the building block to the doorway of the soul. As our task was to rise above the duality of creation and perceive the unity of the creator. But man has foolishly used the intellectual part of his mind to solve his problems and forgetting the subconscious and super conscious of his God unity with the source.

People who didn’t loose their unity

*Bhagavan Krishna (India-before Jesus)
*Bhangavad Gita – Gave us Divine wisdom through the yoga science of the soul and its path to Liberation in spirit.
*Gautama Buddha – To give mercy – it was said that he restored the heart of India which had degraded to rituals and mechanical ceremonies.
*JESUS – He brought a message of faith and devotion for attaining the kingdom of heaven.
*Swami Shankiara – in the 7th century A.D. – incarnated to bring the teaching of the supreme spirit as everlasting, ever consciousness and ever new bliss.
*Sri Chartanya – 12th century – gave men an ardent love for God. The all surrendering devotion restored. The primacy of actually experiencing a personal relationship with

*Mahavatar Babaji (modern era) – Kriya Yoga Science who gave to the world techniques of

concentration and meditation by which God contact can be realized.

We are now in a time of great change and people are rising above their superficial difference, concentrating on the universal principles of morality and learn the science and art of internalizing the mind and tuning it with the infinite mind of God.

So meditation is a step by step to self realization (Christ consciousness)-cosmic consciousness and eventually attain God union. This is not possible with our rationalizing mental restlessness which is our constant company (which is based on fear). Divine communion or rather deep meditation dismantles the delusion, and once sincere devotees of truth have experienced the divine joy of the sanctuary in Christ consciousness of the soul within their bodies and nothing will be able to lure sincere devotees away from the truth, wisdom and love that they experience. It is through the perception of the Christ consciousness within yourself that you will know God contact. This is the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

You are the consciousness which you have realized within yourself. Therefore, you are a belief expressed about who you think you are. St. Anthony, St. Francis of Assisi, Saint Theresa of Avila to name but a few, taught the true worship of Christ in the church of divine communion. They refer to the “interior castle”. This interior castle is entered by taking the mind and life force within deep meditation to a new realization.

So anybody who would attain the Christ consciousness must by meditation rise above the consciousness of his physical self (deny himself) and keep in attention constantly focused in Christ peace even while he is daily crucified by trials and his spiritual aspiration, tormented by restlessness and destruction. The intensified focus, fervent devotion and meditation produce the ecstasy of oneness with cosmic consciousness.

Christ consciousness is the perpetual state of unconditional love always choosing love over fear. This is achieved by blending heart and mind in meditation and developing an inner sensitivity to be able to be on vigilant watch to hold fast to the joyous inner communication with infinite consciousness (the only begotten son of the Father Mother of God of All That Is) child of spirit.

Over time, this will bring about the ideal of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and adherence to the highest divine truths of universal love, where one realizes their oneness with God.


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