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Divine Intelligence at Work within Intuition

Divine intelligence is wisdom and knowledge. You have arrived at a place within your own awareness that is asking the right question. Be patient and all loving of yourself. Avoided judging your self, or comparing your self with others. Your truth is food for your awaking soul. Know the Divine intelligence is working to bring to your attention your own inner wisdom. By meditating within the silence and listening to the inner teacher through your own developed intuition. Certain awareness will be presented to you. When you love your self you give love to all of you self. Even to the things that you think are not loving in action ,word or deed. Loving your self creates a clear pathway without resistance for you to receive the truth of all situations. As you build a bond of trust with the inner teacher and start to take action relating to your new found wisdom. The Christ love felt in your body will sustain you. Spend time reading meditating and listen to your own inner guidance so as you feed your mind with spiritual uplifting thoughts that empower your actions and are non judgemental. Through self forgiveness you will gain freedom from guilt , shame, and blame. What you do for your self do for others, become aware of your radiant spirit ,and the power that has be a given. If you feel that you need to go further use a prayer treatment . God is everywhere perfect , so God is within you. You are not separate from God. You live in his Divine presence so too does every one else. Accept your mind free of guilt . Accept your mind full of peace.. Claim freedom from bondage and possession. Claim joy and Divine Bliss as you become more aware due to your now new awareness. God is perfect, Claim your perfection now. Make it you choice to only live in this now moment. So the past is in the past. There is no requirement to revisit it and judge any part of it. Unlimited energy runs through your body daily. Within the energy is the light of truth. Direct it into all apparent unloving thing about your self. learn to nurture you self daily. Learn to be non judgemental of your self and others

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