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One would be wise to get to know them self  fully and accept yourself with love, with kindness and better understanding so that a greater awareness of the influence our separate mind has on our experiences of what love is..When one starts to realize that we are all on a journey to the unknown, then one will realize that they would be wise to have a  dream This makes our life experiences in our own hands conscious not  unconscious. This gives one focus and purpose..One gains strength and wisdom once one open up to loving  themselves..The unknown is vast and always expanding and changing with the choices we make and where we put our focus and attention does matter. As we gather knowledge and apply it to our live , we then gain wisdom which allows us to live our life with confidence and assurances and with purpose.This gives us the ability to manifest the dream life.The essences of the universe is within all life and this essences can become anything with the application of wisdom and perfect right action that we trust..One can not teach another about the unknown. The unknown can only be experienced with experiences that are fresh and have not be already being learned. In love there must be trust and respect. to receive power.Getting to know yourself can be done  in many ways. Tarot readers that are well experienced in the synthesis  of symbolism and research into their own lives use intuition to expand their conscious so they can receive new wisdom and guidance for their clients.With meditation one can close down the fearful separate mind.Within the silence one can awaken their own intuition.  In this age of new wisdom spirituality and science are becoming unified again.The use of symbolism, archetypes, and the placement of energy within the cards allow me to work with my range of teacher to shine light into my readers life  and their experiences. Through thought all things manifest as a reflection of our own mind This .give rise to energy in motion waiting to manifest and crystallize  so they become reality events.. In the process of a reading characters and situations in the cards divine wisdom is given to me ,I experience Divine teachers prompting to me through feeling and sensitivity of my own body wisdom why  blockages in the heart chakra will inhabit us of loving our self fully. The judgement we assume are self created and create separation from loving ourselves. Unloving thoughts where we create idea of self judgment are projected on to our life screen and reflect back to us our life experiences.  .

Free will and choice is there for every one. Our focus of attention attracts to us all the energy to manifest our dream. When you are positive and assured of your thoughts and actions a high vibration energy will manifest your dreams. Since we all choose   the thoughts and attitudes and mentality  that entertain our focus , it would be wise to focus on loving , abundant and successful out comes in every area of our live. But where habit of our past subconscious thought  is not checked and allow to run in the background of our being , we tend to become unconscious creators. Lack of trust breaks all relationships and habitual thoughts of lack of trust will sabotage at some point perfectly good relationships.When one examines them selves with love and understanding one becomes aware that their is a ever greater intelligence working for each of us deep within our heart. My teachers have a way of explaining to me our past circumstances and how it effect our present circumstances. and why we attract to out life experiences difficulties and challenges which take great understanding and new awareness how to change theses experiences to find fulfillment.  With proper focus of attention  let your imagination flow towards something worth becoming .For me the the tarot is an excellent way to learn how to create our future , adjust our future by understanding the reason why we attract the lessons and people we attract into our lives.Reading with me always reflect the four fold story of the physical, emotional mental and spiritual stages we all encounter to get to know the true self.. Our life journey can pull us of our life path and purpose.I use the tarot as a system that enables me to work with my teachers and guides to give clarity and objectivity to solve life challenges. I specialize in relationships problems and the point of attraction  and why we attract to our self what we do. Our true awareness is always changing  It changes due to desire and the work we do in adopting loving our selves and all life. My perceptions are always intuitively given to me with feeling full of Divine wisdom..If your present life experiences have not worked out as you thought they might . Try listening to the inner teacher in the silence.

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