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Dreams and the Tarot

Dreams and the Tarot – Implications of the Journey

When I first started my spiritual journey, I noticed the similarity between dreams and the tarot. I became aware of common imagery within dreams, wisdom and the inner guidance that I was intuitively being made aware of. Accepting different levels of consciousness was not done by the separate fearful mind, but by the heart which went through new awareness and discovery. Through my my inner guidance, I started to compare them with the rich imagery of the collective unconscious which lead me to explore different levels of consciousness from the separate mind level where I became aware of the Angels, my Inner Teacher and Beings of light and wisdom. My Inner Guidance every day gave me feedings of love. Within the bliss, new wisdom was being received and I became aware of the Inner Teacher. The symbols in our dreams and the tarot  I was told were universal. The imagery depicts  awareness that our dreams are reflections of our deep subconscious which has within it accepted truth, but may not be the truth. For me truth changes with new discovery and new perceptions. 

The separate conscious mind accepts truth until it is challenged to adjust its perceived truth. Within our dreams, we are often made aware of subtle truths. Sometimes the separate mind will not let go the accepted truth due to the invested energy given to belief. Through out our life we go on a journey to discover who we are and what are we capable of. The picture cards in the tarot represent growth from youth and innocence towards maturity. There is innocent imagery in our dreams  and within the tarot. The fool depicts Innocence but his journey takes him through the major Arcana meeting with different life situation and circumstances This journey brings us all to receive Divine wisdom and understanding. We all have the hero dreams. The hero dream is the creative side of our higher self showing us a solution to solve our present problem. As one experiences all the major Arcana as real life experience and integrate those experience, wisdom is obtained. When we follow the resonance of truth felt within our body, joy is usually felt deep within  which confirms confidence. But  our fearful thoughts and attention to fear attracts to us what we create in our own mind. This stops us taken action.
Through self belief, focus  and attention in the desire to manifest our dream. We sometimes are blocked by our accepted beliefs and accepted truth which are deep within the subconscious mind  which runs underneath the conscious mind which we are  bonded to. You could say that fearful thoughts dilute down what could be . The reason why is to do with our focus and attention on the fear of not being able to create our dream. Instead of on how we would feel if we created I desired result. When one become aware that their focus of intention will reflect back their own created fear as real, one will keep positive thoughts about the outcome. Our dreams give to us Spirit idea but, we sometimes sabotage our progress through accepted fears that are bonded to our separate minds as truth.


All our life experiences are equally supported and challenged  to create in us greater awareness of  what could be or what is possible. Limitation creates safety and risk free actions, but with limitations life becomes dull and less interesting. But as one awakens, one perceives themselves as not alone and separate from their good. Instead one become aware that they are in the process of becoming more. As one awakens ,one become less fearful and their attention and focus on reaching their objectives is their main aim. Daily growth happens when we are equally supported and challenged.
The spiritual journey is equally supported and challenged  as we dream . For within dreams we become aware of a new focus and a new direction. Since I  have started to see that my challenges are God’s good to help me grow and the feeding of love are God’s love encouraging me to believe everything is possible. A new deeper sense of gratitude and understanding enters my mind and is experienced by my heart. This sensitivity allows me to become aware of the ever growing support and challenges that keep me on the upward path to true awareness. So as one embraces the true path to greater awareness one sees the good in all circumstances and accepts all life experiences. Greater awareness’s is now taken place in the heart and minds of those people who are awaking up to their own Divine intuition. The center role of intuition is to be guided by the heart through the resonance of truth felt within the body as whole. The role of archetypes in the tarot and in our dreams is to show hidden doors to our subconscious and our dreams not yet fulfilled.
Focused day dreams, creative visualization, and meditation are the techniques which once we understated and use. We can manifest change in our life. Silent nights allow me to listen to my heart while being in meditation. In the silence of the night being nowhere, I get the opportunity to listen to the expressions of my heart. While in the silence, my inner world opens up to me. I quietly hear and feel all the emotions that stir within my soul

I listen to my heart sing praises to my Creator for all the blessings of the day. I give thanks for the lesson and ask for greater clarity of my purpose That moment allows me to stop and truly give thanks in a conscious way. It allows me to forget everything else and focus on how I am blessed in a myriad of so many different ways.

The joy and bliss that fills my heart and the guidance I receive from my own inner Christ fills my awareness with pure joy and inner bliss. During the quietness of the night, I lay still with eyes closed so I can focus on the bliss passing through my body. I am able to have an awareness of communication with the Christ within the Holy spirit as if peering through the windows of my soul. That is when I get the best view and inner knowing of the beauty of my soul of what I am made of, what we are all made of. We are all made of love. It is pure love. No part of us is less than love. I am made aware of the all emotional high points as well as the lows, and truly understand the person I am.

The silence of the night gives me the chance to renew my spirit and give thanks for all my experiences to “I Am All That I Am” taking an emotional journey back in time allows me to see where I went wrong and what I need to work on going forward. Everyday, I commit to taking advantage of silent nights for retrospection, contemplation and enjoying communion with the Holy Spirit and my own Christ Self. I pledge to use the opportunity to renew my spirit so it can shine brightly – like a beacon – to guide my way and bring joy to others as well. In this way my dreams become real.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What are my thoughts when I reflect after my meditation and communication with spirit? Do I judge myself or others?

2. What inner knowing and discoveries have I experienced?

3. Do I seize the opportunity to make a pact to be more conscious of my thoughts and deeds? So I can become a conscious creator of the ideas of the “I Am All that I Am”?

4. Am I honest with myself when assessing my thoughts and actions from the past? What feeling arise when I judge myself or others?

5. After meditation give thanks for all the bodily sensations and Inner Christ healing.Take action on new discoveries and perceptions.

6. Become aware of the inner light the new light of the Christ Self and give it out to all, for as you give it out, more love returns back to you. It is eternal and it is ” I Am All That I Am ” unconditional desire less love which is there for all.

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