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Dealing with doubt

Heart or Head or Maybe Both, Dealing With Doubt Doubt is about the fear of being wrong. Doubt is also about not trusting your new understanding and the experiences which color your belief and what you have accepted as truth. The conscious mind without awareness of spirit tends to accept the egos ideal of being […]


Shift to wisdom by actually giving thanks for all your life experiences. Believing we are separate from our good, puts conditions on the need to be self- reliant in making our good happen. The conditions create walls of belief and limitations of creating our desired out- come. Our own deficient thoughts and our own focus […]

Baptism of Fire

BAPTISM OF FIRE Everybody is waking up. No longer will it be possible to stop the Christ light and the baptism of fire which is taken place at great speed. If you look around the world, there is evidence of many revolutions taken place both within countries and within individual at the core of their […]

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