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Cosmic Balance/Divine Bridegroom

Cosmic Balance/Divine Bridegroom Preconceived opinion come from beliefs and makes it nearly impossible to change to the slightest degree. It is this foolish investment which each of us is afraid to let go that bonds us to same. So rather than accept what is new, most people reject all even if it contains the truth. […]

Divine Bridegroom

To expand your consciousness, blend your energy with that of the spiritual world and it would be wise to be desirous of this practice. Desire creates attraction and like attracts like. In the coming years, many will be anointed with the Baptism of Fire. To explain Baptism, Jesus uses the story of the Bride and […]

“FAITH is Assurance of Thing Hoped For

“FAITH is assurance of thing hoped for”. Intellectual faith admits doubt; Spiritual faith includes unfailing assurance and immediate response”. At the beginning of your work, these two attitudes of faith are often observed acting and reacting upon each other. Faith boosts the spoken word, so the word faith has an inner force. Words of faith […]

Relationships Issues

All problems stem from people who have core beliefs and emotional need that are ignored and are not respected. This is the challenge  the human condition faces to live in harmony. Try to see the problem from its perceptive beliefs and core values. This will shed light and wisdom into any conflict that give wisdom […]

The Gate Keeper

The gate keeper was not designed into us by the Creator. It was formed after the fall from our separate  consciousness mind. It has become a wall of thought created by ourselves.  By giving belief to false ideas we bond to acceptance of limitations through our self inflected thoughts.The gate keeper blocks us from self realization of […]

The Secret of Peace of Mind.

Spiritual teachers, philosophers and many other wisdom writers have written about the soulmate image. Not just anyone can fulfill you the way your soulmate will. There’s a world of a difference between your soulmate, your heart’s other half and a life partner.  All other person tends to lack the elements to fit perfectly to you. […]


Mysticism, Any person who embarks on their own spiritual journey comes with fixed idea of what truth is. It has been said that the secrets of the universe are within a person. This has being true for me. As after I started my own interest in the tarot and meditation, I found it was the […]

Wisdom Lies Solely in Truth

Accepted truth changes with new discovery and with new perceptions that we all as individuals have when insight appears in the mind about what is truth..The group of teacher and guides that I work with tell me that truth is conceptional  and is always evolving . This creates greater awareness and greater awareness  comes with […]

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