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Month: June 2018


Mysticism, Any person who embarks on their own spiritual journey comes with fixed idea of what truth is. It has been said that the secrets of the universe are within a person. This has being true for me. As after I started my own interest in the tarot and meditation, I found it was the […]

Wisdom Lies Solely in Truth

Accepted truth changes with new discovery and with new perceptions that we all as individuals have when insight appears in the mind about what is truth..The group of teacher and guides that I work with tell me that truth is conceptional  and is always evolving . This creates greater awareness and greater awareness  comes with […]

Shapes of Denial

Recognizing why we suffer in relationships and what to do about it? My teacher and guides make it know to me that suffering is self inflected by our own thought, attitudes,and our focus of attention. As what we give attention and focus to, as co creators will manifest. My inner teachers  also tell me that […]

The Perfect Right Time.

Through our thoughts and feeling there is available two masters that provide insight to us all. Jesus said “you can not have two masters”. When one looks at thoughts and feeling as these two masters, one begins to understand perfect right time to make any decision. In the case of relationship, our thoughts do not […]

Dreams and the Tarot

Dreams and the Tarot – Implications of the Journey When I first started my spiritual journey, I noticed the similarity between dreams and the tarot. I became aware of common imagery within dreams, wisdom and the inner guidance that I was intuitively being made aware of. Accepting different levels of consciousness was not done by the separate fearful […]

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