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Déjà vu Sensation, Who or What Causes it.

I  have  found myself experiencing many moments of remembering things not yet happened in a casual  every day situation when, suddenly, I would   have awareness  within my consciousness of flash backs  to a memory that seems impossible to be valid? What create the confusion is who or what is affording me the experiences not yet happened , yet they seem so real.The thoughts and intense feeling goes through my whole body. These  vibration change my perception. I am made aware of a deeper meaning to my experience. As a result my conscious expands and greater awareness of the potential of my experience. This unique sensation is classed as déjà vu.

This unique sensation has long be called and labeled déjà vu.  But what is it exactly. In my case, I experienced déjà vu significantly for the first time when I was five years old .I had flash backs of going deaf . Then later i became deaf in one ear. In an instant, I knew that I had witnessed this exact same scene before. But how could that have been possible? Who or what was conveying this awareness to me.

You the reader may have had similar experiences most common experiences of déjà vu will happen while you’re, for example, chatting away to a friend at a gathering, speaking about a serious topic, which results in you have a startling sensation of recognition. You think, “I’ve heard this before , but I couldn’t have.” You try to focus on the memory and it melts away. How this recollection can be possible is the question many people ask, and I hope to explain. My inner teacher , the wise one conveys to me that as one conscious expands one’s awareness will also..

In recent years, new and advance understanding have come about déjà vu  which has been subject to psychological and neurological research. One explanation of déjà vu is that it is not an act of premonition or clairvoyance, but rather an anomaly of physical memory from the human brain.I disagree with  this explanation.for my own experience of an expand conscious to include deep intuitive inner knowing is my direct experiences.

Recently published material from scientific research implies that the brain produces memories from the hippo campus region Not that much is know about this , it is  but one explanation  A small section of this is called the dentate gyrus and is responsible for “episodic” memories which stores information that allows us to tell similar places and situations apart.other wise there would be no order in our thought process.

The dentate gyrus records a situation’s audio, visual, smell, sense of time, and other characteristics for the body’s future reference. This is stored in the subconscious as well as as other information that my not be true or may inhabit our understanding of the intelligence of the universe.This creates long held memory that bond to our knowing.This causes confusion and this confusing furnishes the brain with delayed memory. When there is low performance from the dentate gyrus, the supposed memory problem of déjà vu occurs as the brain has difficulty in telling the difference between two extremely similar situations. In other words, the brain is not storing the lifetime memories well enough.

For  me my  déjà vu  experiences appears to go deeper into my psyche than brain oriented memories do. When you experience déjà vu you certainly can feel an emotional and deep  sensation that is fundamentally different to remembering a lost memory, or sorting out information in your brain of who, where, what, and when an event transpired. Déjà vu just felt profoundly different than anything and always leave a change in consciousness with the repentant. The Déjà  vu encounter. expanses the consciousness and has long term effects on the consciousness of the one that experiences it.

But, how can our human brains lose or distort memories of a different places events and things . These are all tangible item that we have never seen before? And then, how can this distortion create an experience of a  lingering effect to ten second create an inner direct knowing.where we experience very clear and concise memory flashbacks to our present surroundings with deep vibration effects as if high voltage energy enter the body . Which have lasting effect on our life experiences.My understanding is that the Divine intelligence , which is the light of God that never fails is conveying the experience to expand one awareness to include that their is a greater intelligence at work.

The human brain holds  on it’s own memories and information,,believing it is the creator of what is , but there is a grater intelligence at work to awaken us to the possibility of new perceptions and experiences which will add to our present experiences giving greater understanding and consideration to an expanded consciousness that is furnished with new idea of what life is all about.The unaware human mind has fixed ideas which block the experience that we came into the world. The judgments that the separate mind belife systems create limitations. block true awareness of the expanded consciousness that is taken place in this time. Remember you reside in a dimension created of billions of other galaxies with trillions and trillions of star systems.Who or what intelligence created all this. And don’t forget your spirit consisting of mind , body and soul  with  purpose built in. with in infinite possibilities  What is the reason for this.?It has intention to create greater awareness within all life. i also  believe that you  the inner spirit within all life not is devoid of all knowledge and memory.

I know by my own experience is that déjà vu comes from the spirit.  Another name would be ” I Am All That I Am” It is a result of premonitions prior and during life on planet Earth. Your brain, which operates like the memory and processor for the human body, latches on to these pre-witnessed events and attempts to process them. let us look at ordinary memory You can focus on a normal or forgotten memory when you recollect it. However, in my experience  when you try to focus on a déjà vu sensation you can’t.But what id different is the lingering effect it has on expanding the human consciousness. Simply put it is because it is not of this realm  Déjà vu comes from the spirit,  to change consciousness not from the human brain as some unaware people receive., thus the memory functions of the brain do not apply in the case of déjà vu . it is a gift from spirit for when you are ready to expand you awareness and consciousness you will start to experience reason to except greater awareness of the universal consciousness that is available to all.

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