Déjà vu Sensation, Who or What Causes it.

  I  have  found myself experiencing many moments of remembering things not yet happened in a casual  every day situation when, suddenly, I would   have awareness  within my consciousness of flash backs  to a memory that seems impossible to be valid? What create the confusion is who or what is affording me the experiences […]

Dreams and the Tarot

Dreams and the Tarot – Implications of the Journey When I first started my spiritual journey, I noticed the similarity between dreams and the tarot. I became aware of common imagery within dreams, wisdom and the inner guidance that I was intuitively being made aware of. Accepting different levels of consciousness was not done by the separate fearful […]

Wisdom on Relationships

The Reason and Purpose of Relationships in the Human Condition Listed below are the most common problems I answer question on from my clients for over 20 years now. Unrequited love Hankering for past loves Problem relationships When is the time to give up or let go and move on Do you deserve more than what you […]

The Secret of Irresistible Attractions

              With our conscious mind, we tend to analyze and judge data.This is the masculine energy in action. But the point of attraction does no does not work that way. Particularly within relationships.. We used the process of thinking, planning, making judgement and using references of past experiences from […]

The Awakening of your Own Body Wisdom

The awakening happening now is being experienced by the heart and whole body. The spirit of God within you is being quickened, regenerated, born again as the inner teacher “the inner Christ” Actual experience of knowing God through the divine Christ impulse intimately give rise to divine wisdom.Desiring to be quickened by His spirit is […]

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